what research on these signs?

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what research on these signs?

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I am a PhD student (sign language linguistics) researching International Sign, and I have several questions about this online dictionary for "ISL". It is my understanding that first of all IS is not a language, but it is a contact language variety or pidgin/language mix. Why do you name it International Sign Language?

Secondly, dictionaries are based on a large collection of examples of the language being used in natural settings. A corpus or collection of these examples has to be diverse and from many genres to know you are seeing all of the language in use.
For your IS dictionary here, I wonder what corpus data you are basing these IS signs? Are these signs documented from one lecture in IS? or many different examples of IS in use around the world?

I am very interested in this topic because I am doing a large research project about IS and see several different IS dictionaries online and in book/print, but curious about where the research data is behind these dictionaries?